Assembly Member

Assembly Member

Each country has its own member assembly, where they start a Company and / or Account.

Each member can choose which country he wants to join in the registration process. (where it does business)

The member body is the supreme body of the Departments (Countries). All members of the Federation who are not subject to the suspension of membership rights are entitled to attend the Assembly.

One member may attend a multi-member meeting.

Membership Definitions:

  • Federal member
  • Supporting member
  • Honorary member
  • Selected member
  • Corresponding member
  • Featured member

The members’ meeting is made up of members from each country, who have valid membership, who deliver the opinion through the management to the current presidency of the IFCFA Alliance.

The following decisions are within the competence of the Assembly:

  • to declare the membership or division of the Membership with another Association, Association, Club,
  • Voting for the presidency, the management and the committees
  • Vote for other things to do


  • The chairman of the board must convene at least once a year. The members’ meeting shall also be convened if ordered by the court or if it is requested by at least one-tenth of the members of the membership by indicating the cause and purpose.
  • The members’ meeting – by announcing the agenda – must be convened by e-mail in writing. The invitation must be sent to the email address provided by the member for this purpose. The invitation must arrive to the members 30 days before the start date of the member meeting. If the date and time of receipt of the invitation is not confirmed by the member within 5 days after the sending, the invitation shall be sent by post to the member in a verifiable manner so that it can arrive to the member at least 5 days before the holding of the meeting.
  • It is necessary to ensure that members of the Alliance’s Section may propose items on the agenda of the Assembly prior to sending the invitation. To this end, the planned agenda of the Members’ Meeting must be published on the Association’s website at least 25 days prior to sending the invitation to the Assembly. At least 10 days must be provided for the proposal.
  • Management will forward this to the secretariat.
  • The holding of the Members’ Assembly can also be held by videoconference or personal presentation in the local council room of the association.
  • The member may submit a motion for amendment to the proposal submitted by the chairman of the management board, to be decided upon by the members of the management board by invitation to the agenda and sent by e-mail to the general meeting. The amendment may be submitted in writing to the Association by the 10th day preceding the date of the General Assembly by e-mail or at the Assembly. The proposed amendment in writing can only be discussed if the rapporteur is present at the meeting.
  • A quorum shall exist if more than half of the members are present. The quorum shall be determined on the basis of the number of persons entitled to vote on the day of the assembly.
  • A repeated assembly may be held if the meeting does not have a quorum. The repeated meeting of members can be convened in the original invitation to the general assembly on the day of the original assembly. The Assembly shall have a quorum, regardless of the number of participants, if the legal consequences of absenteeism and the date and place of the repeated member meeting are included in the invitation. Only agenda items recorded in the original invitation can be discussed at the repeat meeting.
  • The chairman of the assembly shall be appointed by the Board of Directors, by means of a vote, who also holds the minutes of the meeting, and shall also select two members who certify the minutes.
  • Only agenda items recorded in the invitation can be discussed at the meeting. Proposals in excess of the agenda contained in the posted invitation may only be included on the agenda if all members with the right to vote are present at the assembly and most of them agree.
  • The decisions of the members’ meeting – unless otherwise provided by the Statutes – shall be taken by open majority vote of the members present. 20% of the members present must vote in writing and secretly.


The Members’ Meeting decides in secret by written vote

  • Election and recall of chairman and members of working groups.
  • Membership of the Membership with other Alliances, Associations, Clubs, and dissolution.
  • In order to conduct a secret ballot, the Assembly shall elect a vote counting committee.

Two-thirds of the members present at the Assembly are required to:

  • To amend the Articles of Association
  • To declare the membership or dissolution of the Membership with other Alliances, Associations, Clubs
  • To elect or recall the members of the President and the working groups
  • In the case of an open vote, the chairman of the assembly must order the vote and count the votes cast.
    The counting of votes is supervised by the chairman, with the involvement of the vice-presidents, and the votes counted by the counters are summed up and the result is announced.


Consultation and expression by electronic means

  • On the basis of a separate decision of the Management Board, prior consultation with the members may be conducted electronically (hereinafter referred to as “electronic consultation”), within which an expressive vote may be ordered.
  • The electronic consultation should be presented as a theme on the Association’s interface, which includes the day of the membership meeting. Electronic consultation cannot be considered a member meeting, nor a decision outside the assembly. The duration of the electronic consultation is at least 24 hours, up to 168 hours. The language of the electronic consultation is the official language of that country.
  • The publication of the electronic consultation on the Alliance’s website should specify the starting date of the electronic consultation, the time available for comments, discussion, the closing date for the debate and the closing date for voting on the proposed decisions.
  • The moderator of electronic consultation is appointed by the Management Board. The moderator is responsible for keeping the electronic consultation in accordance with the provisions of the Statutes.
  • The electronic consultation is open to a member who has access to, the vice president responsible for electronic operation. When issuing access rights at the original time, the vice-president checks the identity of the e-mail address specified by the member and the identity of the member by a response message.
  • Access is granted by the Vice President responsible for electronic operation to all members who have verified their identity and are not subject to suspension of membership rights. The Member shall ensure that no other unauthorized person can reside with his / her access rights.
  • Following the conclusion of the debate, the chairman of the consultation, in the event of such a preliminary decision by the Bureau, will vote on the issues determined by the Bureau.
  • The moderator is obliged to give members sufficient time to cast their votes. Voting should be closed at a predetermined time when the electronic consultation is announced. Votes subsequently cast shall be considered void.
  • The software installed on the page will register the votes together with the voter IDs in open voting. Secret voting can only be conducted with the assistance of an IT service provider independent of the Alliance and with software to ensure that votes cast cannot be identified afterwards.
  • The suitability of the software for this purpose shall be requested by the vice-president responsible for electronic operation prior to its first application and made available to members on the Alliance’s website. In the event of a request by at least one hundred members during the electronic consultation, the Association shall use the notary’s contribution to authenticate the secret ballot.
  • The result of the vote – even in the case of a secret ballot – is determined and announced by the Vice President responsible for electronic operation.
  • The information contained in the electronic consultation and the result of the vote must be authenticated in such a way that it can be verified at a later date. The electronic consultation entries and polls must be retained in the Alliance’s electronic storage and made available to any person wishing to access this forum block for legal posting on the Alliance
  • The result of the pre-consultation and the result of the retained vote cannot be considered as a decision of any of the organs of the Association, nor is it a substitute for the decisions of the Alliance’s organs under the law and the Statutes. Voting held in the framework of electronic consultation is purely expressive and has no binding force on the Association’s senior officials and bodies.