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Articles of Association

General Informations


  1. The Association name: International Federation of Company Founders & Accountants
  2. Abbreviated name of the Association:  IFCFA Association.
  3. The Association Headquarter address: 293 Sugar Mill Business Park, Oakhurst Avenue, Leeds, South Yorkshire, LS117HL, United Kingdom
  4. Company Number: 11335775
  5. Bank details: Santander Bank, Sort Code:09-01-29; Account Number:  26808206; IBAN: GB35ABBY09012926808206; BIC/Swift code: ABBYGB2L

Euro bank account (€)  Swift/BIC code: TRWIBEB1XXX;  IBAN: BE07 9676 2842 4566
British pounds account (£)  Sort code: 23-14-70;   Account number: 46617012;   IBAN: GB61 TRWI 2314 7046 6170 12
American USD account ($) dollar account details: ACH: 084009519;  Bank account number: 9600013415668150

  1. PayPal Account:
  2. Website:
  3. Email Address:
  4. Client Gate:
  5. Phone: UK-Land Line: +44 (0) 1357-340-000;  UK-Mobile: +44 (0) 757-29-410-40;  HU-Mobile: +3670/550-2804
  6. Legal status of the Association: International Federation of Company Founders & Accountants (hereinafter: IFCFA) is a non-governmental professional association representing and protecting the interests of its members (in every country with company formation and accounting activities) operating under the association’s rules.
  7. IFCFA as an association is a legal person.
  8. The official language of the Association: English and Hungarian.


The fundamental objective of the Association:


  1. To represent the professional interests of the members, to support them, provide them with professional information, education and consultancy, as well as to organise trainings and lectures and to publish and distribute publications discussing and introducing tasks related to company formation and accounting.
  2. To optimize the association’s website for the keywords – provided by the members at registration – (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Search, Yandex) and to forward enquiries received at the website to the members.
  3. To help every visitor to the website find, in their own language, the company formation service and/or accounting firm in the country where they wish to establish a company or use accounting services.
  4. To help every visitor to the website find, in their own language, the company formation service and/or accounting firm in the country where the quality of services provided to the clients is guaranteed according to the requirements set by the association (section …).
  5. To connect companies that provide quality services with clients (logo usage)
  6. To facilitate client sharing among members (e.g. a member of the association providing company formation services only in Turkey, if it has a client that wishes to establish a company in Germany, can turn to another member that provides company formation services in Germany)
  7. Providing investment opportunities, grants, mentoring programmes for members
  8. Providing support to members for their clients’ investment, application and mentoring activities
  9. To promote the company formation and accounting professions
  10. To represent the interests of the company formation and accounting professions through formulating professional positions in relation to draft legislation relevant to these fields and before different authorities
  11. To provide representation in countries and in international professional organisations
  12. To create chapters in every country to facilitate independent operation
  13. To provide opinions on draft legislation relevant to company formation and accounting services,
  14. To draw up recommendations regarding the amendment of legislation governing company formation and accounting, regarding the development of international standards, the simplification of the activities of company formation and accounting, and the modernisation of training and education,
  15. To theoretically develop and practically implement issues regarding company formation and accounting,
  16. To devise professional ethical norms and training concepts for the activities of company formation and accounting as a whole,
  17. To take measures regarding the ongoing professional training of the members, to take part in the professional education of the members,
  18. To provide professional information, to collect unanswered questions and related positions,
  19. To collect and present positions discussed and accepted by the professional community
  20. To organise lectures, consultations and discussion forums about current tasks and arising problems, sometimes together with lawyers, tax consultants and auditors, with free expression of opinion
  21. To provide professional advice to members to support them in becoming acknowledged experts in company formation, taxation and accounting
  22. To provide accredited training to company formation professionals and accountants
  23. To cooperate with other organisations and associations to achieve professional goals
  24. To provide – as much as possible – help to the members of the association so that they can meet their leisure and sports needs
  25. Scope of the Association: Every country in the world where company formation and/or accounting activities are pursued.


The Association Organizational Structure

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