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Honorary Members

The Honorary Member of the Association may become a natural or legal person of any nationality (natural person, legal person, non-legal business) who is engaged based on the goal of the association or continuing activities connected to the association’s area and in promoting federal goals of the association, the membership assembly decides as honorary members. In addition, the candidate:

  • Declare your intention to enter, and
  • Accepts the Alliance’s goals,
  • Under the Articles of Association, it undertakes to satisfies the obligations of members of the association.


The honorary member

  • It cannot be elected in the organs of the Association;
  • You may only participate in the decision-making of the Association’s Assembly;
  • You must comply with the Constitution of the Association, implement the resolutions of the Assembly, the Commissions and the Presidency.


The honorary member shall be registered by the Secretariat based on the decision of the Membership Assembly and shall send an electronic message on the registration. The starting date of membership shall take place on the date of the decision to elect the honorary member.